Klean Heat Awsome fuel but pricey

topic posted Sun, January 18, 2004 - 5:12 PM by  Riz
I thought I would start a new thread on this. even know It kind of goes with the biodesil one.

I was turned onto this fuel by one of my customers It is called Klean heat it is a kero can buy this stuff at home depot it is 6.99 a gal but well worth the price if your working indoors.

I have done brief testing with it and have yet to get the msda sheet on it .but so far only the price is the draw back.

Here are the results i found from my testing and by no means am I ex-spurt on fuels

This fuel put out about the same smoke as white gas with very little after burn smell. The fuel it self has no odor before being burnt .The fuel is so stable you can ship it.

The light up was slower than white gas but faster than kero
the flame was almost as bright as white gas and much brighter than kero.but the best part it didnt have that eye watering after smell that white gas has.

I have yet to do anything indoors with it but I tested it in a 1.5 car garage and did about 5 burns and my eyes didnt water.
I would love to get some feed back from someone doing an inside show and see what the people watching think of the very slight after burn odor.

it slung off the wick more like white gas than kero and seems to evaporate fairly fast off the ground.

It did say the vapors were combustiable but it cant be by much seeing you can ship this stuff ups.

If I would have just picked up the fueled wicks and lit them other than the slow start up and no after burn odor I would swear this stuff was white gas.burn time was about 1 min longer than white gas as well.

Only down falls I saw are the price and it didnt seem to do transferes well
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    Sun, January 18, 2004 - 5:37 PM
    Been using it for about 6 months now for poi/staff/torches and have blown with it.
    You are absolutely correct....AWESOME FUEL.
    1) Bright/long burn/no odor/no skin reaction-chem burns.
    2) Start up can be sped up using a small bottle of lighter fluid (which can be re-filled with white gas);
    Squirt a little (and I do mean a little) on the wick AFTER you spin off, and POOF...the shit lights right up.
    3) Exclellent for luminaries/torches. I feel it's better than lamp oil for indoor work.
    4) A little too slow for transfers, and a little to thick to aspirate properly...but can be done safely (as safe as you can be when you blow).
    5) Yes, it is pricey, but worth it in my opinion.
    Tiglet acttualy stopped spinning for a while because of her reactions to white gas and lamp oil, and since we started using klean-heat, she's getting back to her ol' self, FYI.
    This IS my PREFFERED fuel for poi/staff/torches.
    I have the MSDS for it sitting in front of me, and I'll hook up the scanner and post it in the next few days, or just go to Home Depot customer service desk and they will be glad to get it for you.

    Still use white gas (naptha) for transfers/eating and clear 1-K kero for breathing (just my preference).

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    Mon, January 19, 2004 - 12:02 PM
    Yep yep. Have just been introduced to it in the past 6 months as well. One of my students found them online, called them up and said he was a fire spinner and would like to try his product. They shipped him 6 gallons for free! He kicked one down to me and I love it. Have now added it to my list of gases to use. Have burned it inside although it was mixed bout 50/50 with white gas. I did notice a bit more smoke however it was white rather than black.

    I have yet to hear something bad about this product. Thanks Riz for starting this thread! Great idea!
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    Mon, January 19, 2004 - 1:40 PM
    I think this stuff is just about the same as clear light, but that stuff has been off the shelves for about a year....
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      Mon, January 19, 2004 - 8:34 PM
      You are correct sir.
      Moblile Chemicals took it off the market for reasons unknown, but the MSDS was good, and I did get a chance to use it.
      Same exact stuff as Klean Heat, but from a different maker, which would be Klean Strip.
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        Mon, January 19, 2004 - 9:11 PM
        The clear light was and is my over all prefered fuel. I get a bit nervous using white gas, I have never been burt with this stuff, allthough I have lit my shirt with white gas, you know, you've allready spun and dipped 3 or 4 times, your coordination starts slacking a little, and that cross over-reverse hits you in the side... yeah, that's me.
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          Tue, January 20, 2004 - 6:27 AM
          ...bounced a fresh poi off my head at the beginning of a burn, not a pretty picture....
          yeah, that's me too.
          And that is why I like klean heat/clear lite. Transfer is slow with this stuff.
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            Tue, January 20, 2004 - 8:37 AM
            I think of Klean Heat and ClearLite as having pretty much the same properties as Ultra Pure Lamp Oil... Slow to ignite/transfer, low sulphur content/stinkyness, longer burn than white gas, and white smoke after extinguishing. I mean this stuff is basically designed to do very similar stuff as lamp oil, right? -- it's meant to be for kerosine lamps that people use for light in remote places where they don't have power. If that's not "lamp oil" I don't know what is.
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              Mon, January 26, 2004 - 10:29 AM
              Designed as a kerosene alternative. Clear-lite has stopped being manufactured. Klean-heat is the same stuff though. It burns brighter than lamp oil and burns longer. Its about the same to light.
              I like it because I don't have the same negative reations as I get when I use lamp oil ( allergic to the smoke) or white gas ( allergic to the smoke and I have a strong physical intolerance) Believe me chemical burns suck !!
              I have only spun fire once in the past year, but now that Klean-heat is back I am going to start again..
              Thank god for scientists who love the pyros!

              Oh and the smell, there is none..